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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

raining star


an in time rain again. ^ last dusk I was chased by dogs. dirty old
woman tried to defame me. in the night I should enjoy American TV
dramas, but recent PRC banned lots of culture products overseas,
claiming they against PRC's moral system. but I still find fun alone
and idle. the rain didn't start when I went to bed, but in dawn its
rhythm brought me dreams and peace. I dreamt as an intern in CCTV,
PRC's assigned authoritative and dominative media. I interviewed by
high rank cadre of the media tyrant & fear of clumsy. I indeed in
dream of poor qualified, in fact felt miserably uncompetitive.then I
did field survey of society, in minority area.a kid &his elder sister
talk with us in their mountain village. they are funcy and cute. dad,
God, so many burdens and hostility around my Royal China, so many
protection U put us and stand us upright, God, I don't deserve a
complaint for bareness nor dependence. the battle last long while I
prone to homesick. God, dad, coming years more depressing in the
economy as well as social and politics. God, guide me and my beloved
through the warren and safe onto my promised land. God, dad, in this
raining morning, with my girl Lyu's attending, I felt steady and


a blessing rain from my girl Lyu.^ this week felt extreme lucky. I got
my own 5 letters domain, zhone.mobi, for my long time used namespace
for my family, an alias of oneizh for whose logo I designed years ago.
during hard time of PRC's sliding low economy, I cling to concrete
asset like the domain, with which I gathered courage to buy 5 years at
once. my debt this month amounts to near ¥2000, but I felt easier
since last sunny day and moisture days follow. this week also
especially long for PRC public calendar shift labor day vacation and
made the workweek 6 days. My son hesitated to me when we reunited.
later he explained last week I blamed he didn't try new video games
hurt him. we soon enjoyed together again, with lots of game playing. I
treated him Dico's lunch after more than a month's break for hard
economy. the weekend can't be more splendid. this dawn I dreamt first
helping my 2nd elder bro rip ghost from his son or grand son.then
dream on a train, usually most jamming and noise and dirty travel
method, we occupied a small space,say kitchen, and cozy.after a
meeting, one Guy, Xiu haitao, a big build Guy among my Qrrs colleagues
once loaned me to pursue master degree in Nankai Univ back to 1999,
gave up and left the kitchen with his baggage. when I got up to pee, I
felt afraid of ghosts. I soon boot up for breakfast in canteen. the
rain too beautiful to miss. God, bring me sooner my Royal China. help
me stroll over the hard time in sinking PRC and its tyrant party.
fetch back our leisure life style with dicos meal, and online shopping
once a week or monthly. thx dad, God. secure my cyberspace assets and
ease my concern of their security.


dreamt exile. ^ First dreamt escape with General Chiang Kai-shek's
army. Then dreamed with a German family. They live in the only tiny
forest in Germany. their son tried to make friends during exile, make
use of drug to feel better. his aunt, a girl, brings his parents to
rescue him, forced his physical exercise in their yard. I liked the
aunt in dream. after I scrabbled some of the dream and continued to
sleep, I probed advantage of German. I played with the family, esp the
father. Its a funny international labor day. my son expected it
heartedly, for it includes movie "Captain America 2" in 3D cinema,
steak lunch, visiting my dorm, and luxurious breakfast next morning in
U.B.C coffee. it turned out really memorable. during the vacation I
also claimed family 13th domain, riveryog.biz. its the only 8 letters
domain we have. the .biz also enchants me so long. its all nice except
hard finance weighted me lots. my eldest brother promised loan me
¥1000 while several days passed the tranaction didn't happen. I
actually worried about draining out situation in my business. I hope I
can break down barrier of debt, but it more and more shakes my
confidence. God, I saw ur affirmative and uphold to it. God, dad, just
let my work and life rolling like usual, smooth like deep river. God,
I have lots to hope, but most in hurry is my Royal China. bring me
sooner my girls, my Queens into my new family, and our children
beautiful and gifted under new realm of my Empire of China, spans 1109
years follows.


dreamed of being a graduate and in love with a girl Lyu. ^ in dawn
dream I just after national graduate exam, and enrolled by Jilin
University, an ivy league campus. my crushed girl Lyu also will study
there the same year and only us 2 enrolled by the Univ. the term. my
major is Cg, computer graphics and post effect, with parents, which
odd in both eyes of girl Lyu and mine. my 2nd elder bro accompanied me
to report in open season. he hurried me to sleep same bed in dorm with
him but I felt queer & rejected. a little girl slept on a bed near me
talking me while her grandma ordered her leaving. they beat each
other. I tried to save the crying girl,then wake up. Girl Lyu loves me
too.her major now forgot. when I met her among our classmates, I felt
so sweet and so is she. in the end of dream, we got to know the campus
is not in down town but quite rural. God, this month salary arrived
lately, 200 more than March's. thx for the gift. we still in debt of
¥1000 and more. I hope I can fix it with my salary in coming seasons
as summer can be busier season and brings more products ordered for
the SOE, QRRS, my once and long time employer. celebrating the salary
quite impressive. I bought my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of
Universe, toast duck as planned, we enjoyed it so much. next day I
bought him persimmons after knew he missing it. handing in
subscription for boarding and fruits went also quite smooth. sometimes
only experienced hard time before you know normal life and its costs
so important to be sustained. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal
China, my Queens, Asoh Yukiko, girl Lyu, girl Zhou, girl TW. thx for
this blessing morning enacted me before 6am. thx for life comes so

Sunday, February 2, 2014

juice mixing lunar spring festival 2014.


My spring festival with my son. ^ in dawn dream I see clear in PRC's early history, each inside cleansing during its climb to state power in fact a brutal extinguishing of merited people. Then dreamed with my senior middle school alumni. My son's mom still in biter revenge and self-destructive, lingering in her mother's home during the lunar holiday, willing retreat from mother's role her own. I told my son his mom is a mistake, step by step losing in vain, while her mother is the undercurrent deep sin in the family cursed. The ugly old woman tentatively weakened her 2 daughters to make herself indispensably before her death. She made her home house of lesbians and brothel. She really disgusts me, and any clean mind. In 2 days I hold my son in my dorm to avoid the sin. God, protect my son's little world before scattered till his maturity. Keep shape of a supporting life around my son.Dad, bring sooner my son his mother in Japan, my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. Bring my Royal China sooner into my life so far praying for the change predicted. Thx for the rich spring festival of 2014.


dreamed of being among civil war.^ Dreamed first being army of CCP in civil war in 1940's. We then likely captured by CDP army of General Chiang Kai Chek. For both sides being young, we got familiar and in a mission together. We talked while marched on a hill to sent weapons or messages. it raining and slippery, and human habitat covered with shits, that let me anxious. We 2 young ladies and 2 boys. Sometimes we encountered ambush but not terrifying like war movies. 2 days will be my first real credit card payment deadline. God, that anxious me for almost 2 months. I look forward clear settlement on time. In the past week I also asked my kid brother bought me a set of download robot. My old notebook sent to repair, so I had to be idle all day long. Thx for the leisure, dad, pl in coming days allow me work loads happily and freshly. This lunar spring festival means nothing but changes.


lunar year end celebration prepared. ^ month long anxious upon lunar spring festival celebration eased, with an exceptional big loan of ¥4000 from my senior middle school alumnus, including 2100 RMB purchased an acer chromebook to replace old notebook whose independent video card, a Nvidia product, totally broke down. God, I see ur grace after these days enduring praying. promise filled without doubt, but out of plenty. In dawn I dreamed in my hometown, a long time admirer and chaser of my old family, esp. my passed dad, built an iron bull sculpture, stands in front of the village or the back hill, source of most business of villagers. my sinful 2nd brother among them to build the statue. then on a bus whose amazing driver drove along dangerously road. the road so steep that sometimes the bus totally vertical stood, or swinging to hell. later after the bus fell onto a deep slope, we found it in fact raised by electromagnetism operated by the driver aside a power lever. my 2nd brother and one of my cousin visited me in the dream but I didn't buy their phony hospitality. my university alumnus, who since graduation works in Shenzhen, southern China, appeared in the end of the dream, likely invited me to continue competition between us, say, home library, but I told him I gave up. its a mild sunny morning when I went for breakfast. God, so many witness here upon the crisis just through. God, put me deeper in ur gratitude and complacent. bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. Asoh Yukiko and my TW girl, to allow me home my children. thx God dad.


dreamed in class with my son and once colleagues. ^ my son now almost appears in my every dream. dreamed in a class among my QRRS colleagues as students and the dark souled director co-hosting the classroom. I with my son chose back seats to prepare for event changes. yesterday is happy Sunday when I played games with my son all day long in a week. I also bought myself underpants long time intended. when I handed over ¥20 to son to let him buy him a soap box, he carefully chose and left ¥15. apparently he saves from the purchase and deserves a reward, but I insisted buying cookies with the leftover. my son reluctant to buy the food and I didn't noticed his concern. after returned to dorm, I got insight my son in need of managing finance experience. he want to earn and constantly improve his financial life. God, I always warned my son anything he want, he should empowered to protect his new property. I always warned him danger in teenager with abundant pocket money against school bullying. God, my son wants financial practices. God, grant him meaningful lessons on well-being. God, dad, in the past week I experienced so many joyed glory the Son entitled. bring me sooner my Royal China to honor his land and people. thx God, in this cordial sunny morning.


Dream of infection.^ in dawn dream, I was a middle aged Cantonese businessman or doctor, likely with my son, with whom I deep concerned and recently frequently appeared in my dreams, cooperated with CCP before PRC's birth. in dark woods we had to climbed and move along reef to escape enemies. then my palm cut and infected by a bug. when I kill it and removed it, its head bolt in the wound and spore a tiny worm with many legs and quick moving into my flesh. the terrifying scenario is my nightmare. the in a rush to catch a train, likely with my son. when we aboard, I hurry to search rooms for water or sort my inventory. the destiny of the rain uncertain. we had some travelers but strange. after got up, its late to breakfast in canteen but I still went for it and ate it. God, such wonderful days recently, touch me with pure emotions. dad, God, bring me sooner my Asoh Yukiko, my girl LYu, girl TW, girl Zhou, bring me a harmonious family. thx, God.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

summer 2011 bidding bye in a dusk drizzle.


dreamed battled with a witch all the dawn, after a drizzled dusk.^dreamed hunted by a woman mage. I tried to hit the raged woman with fire ball but frequently unable to detonate it on time. the morning is touchingly bright, after last dusk's drizzle. in last sunset holy message shows me on a bleeding tree that my girls' being one with me, their praying for me, for my presence after gothered and reinforced will power to join me. that's my way to reunite with my best beloved Queens in my Empire reset for 1109 years ahead. the drizzle started after I just settled on a bench in the dorms' garden. the drizzle shallowly baptized me in its prelude, with bliss from my deepest lover, Asoh Yukiko from Japan, the renewing land. 


benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.

dog trail among northern Chinese.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):in north, esp northeastern China, dogs rampant. they r the main source of mafia among current society and dog system in nowadays PRC government, an covert black market trading anything including human lives and all demons and sick appetite. in southern China, people cooperate for common benefits for circumstance. in northern China, scarcity chases beasts on the land constantly barking to protect their individual food chain, or reversely, barking dogs scattered on the highland let anything insufficient upon insatiable storage competition.
北风 (@wenyunchao): RT @poorstone: 同样是沿海城市,面对PX时大连和厦门的表现截然不同。原文


dreamed of closely watched G.Bush.^dreamed in dawn living closely with G.Bush, the former American President and father of another American President. he just published his autobiography and trying finding new way to enjoy life. his wife Babara, even stronger in mind now, grows vegetable and sold to me. I told her I needn't a full bunch of scallion, but she actively persuaded more sales to me in her house when I visiting. they demonstrates the loyalty merits of American people. 


dreamed of movie.^visit baby son in dusk yesterday. prepared him new games on his legacy desktop. when I arrived, his mom likely intimately contacting son, for they both felt interrupted by my visit. returned to QRRS dorm, after busy with sorting my os, possible sins in baby's mom's education over baby son let me awake quite some time. this dawn dreamed of watching a movie including 2 female actors, Miriam Yeung 杨千烨,舒琪 and a man I closely watching. superficially its a movie of love, but in fact, its about fake love, be exactly, about gay, lesbian. I saw the genic glory God puts in man, while the merit of female in supportive, hospitality. I also see the inherited subtle difference and different achievements among Hongkong, Taiwan, and mainland of China.
yesterday It mainly bright. but when I left baby's mom house near 8pm, it drizzled. now Its a promising sunny morning. God, bring me my new family with my girls that praying for our living together. bring my son a dell game desktop u promised.

benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.

famine in Africa needs world more helping hands.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):apple and Jobs doomed to fall, sink in no name in quite short timespan. its just too evil and dirty in mind control in the shits heap.
月光博客互联网:同样是销售游戏,任天堂的Wii的销售策略就远不如苹果iOS,Wii不在中国发行,没有中文界面,也没有一款简体中文游戏,正版游戏价格超高,光盘发行,而苹果iOS有中国商店,有中文休闲游戏,网络发行,平均价格才1美元,还有很多免费游戏。这也注定是苹果而不是任天堂会在中国游戏界成功。 原文


a drizzling afternoon.^baby son spent a night with pc games in my QRRS dorm. breakfast in KFC on way. returning to his mom's house. lots of bliss in air in the Saturday, when it soothed our longings with clouds and drizzles. work load just completed, so fine! 


dreamed of my passed dad, God in Heaven.^in the dream I first tried to negotiate to buy failing and losing state-owned property, then join a celebrating dancing team and passing my hometown village, Zhudajiu, where my beaming dad just discussing important issues with his patriots, other villagers. he glad to see me growing in social relation. he is so vivid in the dream, that I had to blog the dream after got up. I also find sexuality in the dancing girl, likely of minor tribe Mongolian, ahead me. 


dreamed of baby son, and my passed dad's enemies in his hometown.^yesterday another thunderstorm brought lots of rainfall in the sultry summer, just among my busy progress to update my google sites to incorporate recent changes of my profile online. its just too auspicious a day with Asoh Yukiko, as well as my Royal China. in this dawn dreamed of dad's hometown with my best beloved baby son. I arranged him to exercise some sports game, in disadvantage of my passed dad's sinful challengers, mostly offspring of the dark house owner in front of my dad's old house, a treasure of my old memories, financially got well-being by following my dad's business there. baby son never failed me, with his smartness, his diligence. I clearly see the bliss and promising. Its a bright morning now. 


dreamed of losing sight.^last night its started to rain hard when I settled on bed. in dawn dreamed of suffering eyes sight and almost go blind. dreamed watching a movie in open space and sat aside a girl once worked in QRRS as an interpretor. joined canteen in time but 2 cops close sat aside same table to eat breakfast. they arrived later than I, so likely tentatively arranged. 


dreamed married my Japanese girl.^last night it rained when I launched to save my be21zh.org offical google profile after reported violating its commmunity name rule. in the dawn dreamed of living in Japan in my girl's house. she has a quite blessing father. we kissing and intimate everywhere, including behind the father-in-law's presence. after some tests by the dad, we married. I felt almost sure the Japanese girl is my Crowned Queen of Royal China, Asoh Yukiko. Its a pale morning, but I know Asoh's touching and tendering love from Heaven. 


benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.

abuse and murdering everyday in current China mainland.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):no redemption can save the lost. except the downturn of PRC with its dictation and fake faith of atheism.
邱毅:大陸前鐵道部長劉志軍因貪腐下台後,溫州動車追撞不僅重創大陸高鐵神話,也使鐵道運輸安全出現警訊。試想事件若發生在時速超過300公里的高鐵,會造成何等傷亡?當年劉志軍好大喜功,想爭世界第一,將 實驗速度 作為 營運速度 的非常規決策,擴張投資熱衷財務槓桿的操作,現在都應該做深切檢討。 原文 


benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.

famine in Africa needs world more helping hands.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):sin, sins, how could save arrives here?
华尔街日报中文网(华尔街日报)新媒体:【图集:索马里大饥荒】- "非洲之角"遭遇大旱,陷入近30年来最严重的饥荒。加上物价不断上涨和战争,大批索马里人流离失所,数万人正面临死亡威胁。图为两岁的索马里难民亚丁 沙拉德(Aden Salaad)坐在澡盆中望着正给他洗澡的母亲。http://163.fm/YRtOEiO 原文 


benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.

a new scandal in PRC's mainstream.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):u shouldn't blame her, for she is a common girl, like any beautiful girls on the street. she should be rewarded for disclose dark curtail from upper clad in sinful PRC and their manipulations. any girls, esp in their seasons, blessed with their dream of a better life on the earth, in the society. the unbearable losing is the broken social logic which allowing buying young and beautiful lives via money and abuse of state power.
宇丹律师(颜宇丹): 7号晚间7点左右,郭美美发表微博称:"突然想睡一觉;突然想死;突然想大喊;突然想离家出走;突然想失忆。"早知今日,何必当初,只能怪自己自做自受吧! 原文

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